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Today, I soldered together a new shield, this one has a switch, shift register, and 7-segment display so far:

I already had a few shields soldered together.  The first has 5 LEDs, a reset button, and a button:

the next has 2 buttons, 3 LEDs, a switch, anda allows access to the reset button and half the pins:

the next has soldered on perfboard with a dual 7-segment display, only half used:

I also had a protoshield from adafruit with a mini breadboard:

This was going to be a minishield with a shift register and a bargraph, I never got around to finish it:

This one was supposed to be a 3×3 led matrix, something must have shorted:

I was trying to breakout an LCD, it should wotk but it uses an uncommon, older chip so I haven’t tried it:

And last, a bunch of stuff I soldered together.  These include a piece of perfoard with headers and a desoldered transistor, a switch, a dip switch that kept popping out of a breadboard, a piezo buzzer, and a few other things:

most of these things work, after re-soldering.  The transistor was salvaged from a batter batter baseball” toy I found, along with several others.  I used it to control the relay in my earlier post


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