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This kit is currently just a theory.  I was at some volunteer thing all day, and talked to some other kid who has strange ideas.  We settled on  the following for a zombie(plague, not curse) survival kit:

-Weapons: ideally a shotgun, a hunting knife, and a pocket knife.  Also have ammo for the shotgun and a pistol.  Magazines for assault rifles would be hard to find unless you already have them, and they would need more ammo, taking up more weight and space.

-Food and Water: enough for 3 days.  If you aren’t within three days of more food anyway, you will die.  For food, choose stuff that doesn’t need to be frozen or cooked, like beans, granola bars, and beef jerky.  For water, try a canteen, not water bottles.  Also, a water purifier or tablets would be good.

-other: obviously, duct tape has many uses in any world.  A flashlight is needed, as are back-up batteries.  The GPS system could continue working for a few years without people, so bring a GPS and either more batteries for it or a charger(solar or off car batteries).  Rope will be useful, for securing things or closing doors against zombies.  Have fishing line and hooks, because there might not be much meat on a squirrel after it is hit with a shotgun, you will need more food.  And bring some kind of game for entertainment.  As a general rule, you want something that is usually lost before the batteries die, like 20 questions.  And of course, more people traveling with you would be good.  There is safety in numbers, and you don’t have to outrun the zombies, just the slowest person.  The goal of this pack is to keep you alive on your way to a safe place, not long term survival.

***Disclaimer*** don’t take me seriously.  I will not be responsible for your zombification.


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