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Monthly Archives: June 2010

My family is on a trip to London. We went to Hamley’s, the 7 story toy store. On our way out, we saw Ben Stiller.
My dad noticed him because he said ‘Ella’, the name of his daughter. That is also the name of my sister, so dad looked where it had come from and saw Ben Stiller. My dad pointed him out to us.


this is an update to my earlier post,

Weapons: As a minor, I do not have access to firearms, or any experience.  I have 1 2″ swiss army knife, a 2″ multitool, a 2.5″ multitool, and a wrench with a 2″ blade and screwdrivers in the handle.

Food and water: at any time my family will have 30 bottles of water in the house.  For food, we have much canned food, but not more than a few days’ worth.

Other: I have two rolls of duct tape.  I have half a dozen flashlights, 2 of which can be recharged by hand.  I have several decks of playing cards and several dozen dice, so morale wouldn’t be too low.