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Monthly Archives: August 2010

My Family just got back from our vacation, and waiting for me was a pile of free samples ordered from promotional products companies.  Among this was a backpack with a Volkswagen logo on it.  

Presumably the company that sent it made them for Volkswagen at one time.  Anyway, I decided to put my growing collection of survival supplies in it.

First, the junk that doesn’t go in it but is part of the plan:

The swiss army type knife was found in a dollar store in New York, and works pretty well.  The 3″ folding 1/2 serrated knife next to it was bought at a small fireworks store in Indiana for $4.  The leatherman type tool next to it has the same story.  The zippo-type lighter cost three pounds in a shop in England, the headlamp that runs on AAAs cost $10, and the thing in the upper right is a 50-year calendar.  The broken pocketwatch cost ten pounds at a flea market in england.

The front pocket of the bag is first aid and repair.  There are several large bandages, and a bag of sterile gloves.  The main kit is in a tin which, like the reversible screwdriver, was a free sample.  Last, there is a hotel sewing kit and a stainless steel mirror.

The next kit hold most other things.  At the bottom is a duct tape wallet holding batteries.  Above that is a bag of condiments, only there until I can replace them with good food.  To the right is a bag containing matches, lighters, and a candle.  At the top are a small flashlight that runs on AAAs, and another charged by dynamo.

The main compartment contains several packages of cookies from England, two cans of tuna, and two bags of beef jerky. There is also a deck of cards, a die, and some hot chocolate mix.

This is the whole bag expanded.