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My family is on a trip to London. We went to Hamley’s, the 7 story toy store. On our way out, we saw Ben Stiller.
My dad noticed him because he said ‘Ella’, the name of his daughter. That is also the name of my sister, so dad looked where it had come from and saw Ben Stiller. My dad pointed him out to us.


I have built a bunch of stuff recently without updating.

the first is a small breakout for a SPDT switch:

the next is a breakout for screw terminals so i can use anything with wires:

such as this switch:

next are two bargraphs soldered onto 74hc595 ic’s.  Both work, but on the first the order was not right for the leds, so I built another.  The led’s don’t have thier own resistors, but it works.  I was able to do this because I bought 10 of these chips for $3 on eBay.  The displays would have been under a buck to buy.  Last but not least, I have built another person:

his head, transistor, and diode are from disposable cameras.  The chip cost ten cents, and the perfboard is just a scrap.